Sídhí Glossary

Glossary of Sídhí Terms

Blood Thirst - The uncontrollable urge of a vampire to drink human blood from a specific person.

Bristle Flowers – A flowering vine with quarter sized flowers. Each flower has five yellow petals with a brilliant red center. The name bristle is derived from the hundreds of teeny-tiny thorns sprouting around the outer-edge of each petal. Bristle flowers prefer shaded growing conditions.

Chameleon – Chameleon are race of people from Sídhí. Three to four feet tall, slender, and covered from head to toe with short, thick black fur like that of an otter. They have solid black eyes and sharp white teeth. If injected with raw synth crystal they Change into an umbra.

Chi’Kehra – Chi’Kehra is the title for the true elf monarch. In known history, there have only been two. Every elf baby is tested at birth; the baby’s hand is sliced open and dipped into pure synth crystal. Any child that has a scar after this process is declared as the ultimate elf leader, Chi’Kehra. The Chi’Kehra is the only person that can completely manipulate synth crystal in its pure form.

Cyclops – Cyclops are a rare race of people preferring to live in caves with a large source of water. The very solitary race primarily eats meat. They are not picky where the meat comes from. They have very unique abilities.

Dragon – 1.) Dragon shifters are a race of people originally from Sídhí. They have the ability to change their shape to that of a specific animal/dragon. Each sub-race (Clan) has various strengths provided by the synth crystal in their blood. A person’s first shift into dragon can take place before or after puberty. A shifter in human form smells human. They consider the term shapeshifter a slur, as they are dragon. 2.) Dragons are a very intelligent, and highly dangerous, Sídhí animal.

DeLeigh Clan – The DeLeigh is group of dragons, not necessarily related by blood, that have the gift of seeing a person’s aura.

Dhark elves – A dhark elf is an elf that lives in one of the Dhark Valleys. There is no physical difference between elves and dhark elves. Dhark elves simply have a different life style than elves.

Dhark Empire (aka Empire) - The Dhark Empire is a made-up of independent dhark valleys. Many Sídhí refer to the Dhark Empire as simply the Empire or call it the Dhark Valley, lumping all of the dhark valleys into one.

Dyrst’Lye Clan – A nearly extinct clan of dragon shifters whose gift can destroy a blooming lifeBud before a bond is created between lifeMates. Dragons within the clan are not necessarily related by blood.

Elves - Race of people originally from Sídhí. The have a rigidly strict code of honor. They give an oath of fealty to whomever they choose. First, they always give a blood oath of fealty to the unknown Chi’Kehra, second oath goes to their house, and third oath may go to their valley or their liege lord. Due to synth crystal, they have increased sense of smell, sight, strength and mental capabilities. They have pointed ears, approximately a half inch to one inch taller than a mundane human’s ear. The pupil (black center) and the iris (colored portion of their eye) are larger than a mundane human’s eye.

Enchanter - An enchanter is a sub-race of fairy. Enchanters are split into two caste, merchant and warrior. Enchanters have the ability to manipulate the molecular structure of an item. Some enchanters can manipulate living things, such as flowers and a person's hair color. Other enchanters can manipulate inanimate objects such as silver or computers.

Fairy - Race of people originally from Sídhí. Each fairy has various strengths provided by the synth crystal in their blood. Very secretive race. Most live in Atlantis Valley, which covers large swaths of land and all of the North and South Atlantic Oceans. Five castes: Royal, warrior, merchant, common, and servant. The five castes (aka class) contain hundreds of sub-races, such as siren, pixie, nymphs, changelings, dwarves, leprechaun, brownie, banshee, harpy, phoenix, enchanter, mermaid, mystic… Physical and paranormal attributes vary widely between sub-races.

Fluttle bird – It is a small fist-sized bird with bright red eyes and pink feathers, ranging from light pink to hot pink. It prefers to eat small insects.

For’Syth Clan – A clan of dragons that have the gift of foresight. Dragons within the clan are not necessarily related by blood.

Foresight – The ability to see glimpses of the future that may or may not change. Several races have a touch of foresight.

Furble Tree – A native Sídhí tree that has blue bark & needles. In the wild, it is found primarily in mountainous regions. There are several varieties from dwarf to trees over 100 feet tall. The trees are popular for building as once they are cut, the grains of the wood turn a darker blue creating a unique pattern. Note: Burning furble wood has blue flames. It smells like a cross between hickory and pine with a touch of vanilla.

Gateway (aka portal) - A gateway is a permanent ‘doorway’ that allows people or inanimate objects to travel instantly between Earth and valley (see valley) or between valleys. A mundane human cannot see a gateway, but they can go through a gateway if touching a Sídhí or holding a piece of synth crystal.

Glimmer moss (aka glitter moss) – A form of moss distantly related to glow moss that glitters at night. It is normally found in most valleys anywhere normal moss can be found such as tree trunks, rocks, rotting vegetation…

Glow moss – A prolific form of moss that glows. The most common form is cave moss. The moss glows in a variety of colors when disturbed. Another form of glow moss is found above ground.

Gnome – Gnomes are native race of Sídhí. They are no stronger than a mundane human. They are short, growing no taller than three feet and have wrinkled skin like a Sharp Pei. They have pale skin and yellow eyes. They prefer a diet of insects, sugar, and fruit. They are very vindictive and love practical jokes.

Halfling – A halfling is an individual who is half one race and half another.

Hibbet – A hibbet is a nocturnal animal the size of a baseball. It is rarely seen in the daytime. Its wings and feathered body are brown. The four black legs are scaled and frog-shaped for hopping. It hoots like a small owl, but also has a chirping sound used with its young. Omnivore, but prefers small insects.

Khatt – A khatt is a large Sídhí animal. Very family orientated. They live in large herds. Babies are called kit - litters of three to five. Omnivore, though they prefer meat. They will adopt a human upon occasion. Long lived - several centuries.

Khr'Vurr – The Khr'Vurr is a fanatical group of dragons, also known as Freedom Fighters.

LifeMate – When a person is drawn toward another person by the synth crystal in their blood. Two people who are perfect soul mates. Two people who fall in love and bond. LifeMates are miserable when apart from each other.

LifeBond - The lifeBond is a permanent mental bond between two lifeMates. The bond allows them to feel each other’s emotions. The bond cannot be broken once formed.

LifeBud - The LifeBud is a physical organ in a Sídhí brain that allows a lifeBond to be created between two lifeMates. The bud can be destroyed before a bond is created, but not afterward.

Markles - A red plant with tall bamboo like stalks. The tip of each stalk ends in a ball of pink finger-like protrusions. They catch and eat insects with the finger-like protrusions. If approached or hit/broken, they spew a red, sticky substance.

Mia Cara - Literal translation: my beloved.

Morag - A nocturnal insect with a blackish oval body with grooved wings and several dozen legs. It makes an irritating buzzing/belching sound, but is not very loud.

Mundane (human) – A mundane is a normal human with no synth crystal in their blood, normally born on Earth. Some valleys have a few mundane settlements. The Dhark Valleys keep mundane humans as servants/slaves and a source of blood for their large vampire population.

Olitiau – An olitiau is a Sídhí animal that looks like a giant bat. Adults are approximately the size of a large dog. They prefer fresh meat.

Phoenix – 1. A race of winged people originally from Sídhí; they have not been seen or heard from in four thousand years. They are the strongest of fairy within the warrior caste. The wings of a phoenix cover a spectrum of colors, but are primarily mixtures of red, black and/or white. The eyes of a phoenix turn silver when emotional, a reaction that can turn deadly to others.
2. A bird that drips fire off brilliant red wings. Unlike the Earth myth, they are not reborn.

Pixie - Race of people originally from Sídhí who are smaller in stature, slender with sharper features. They are a sub-race of fairy.

Pocket vines – A vine originally from Earth called Dutchman’s Pipe. It was enhanced by fairies to grow sturdy pockets.

Port – See teleport.

Pre-pub - A Sídhí young person before or during puberty.

Puberty - The developmental period every teenage Sídhí goes through. In a twenty-one day period, a Sídhí youth will start out stick-thin and develop into their adult body and abilities. The youth is always hungry during this time.

The Second Dimensional Balloon Theory - During the Great War, Chi’Kehra (see Chi’Kehra) gathered tremendous amounts of raw synth crystal and began pushing the raw energy into the gateways connecting Earth and Sídhí. Before he could finish - whatever he planned - he died. The energy had no guidance. The gateways overloaded and all the energy exploded outward toward Earth. The explosion created massive valleys, teleporting all living creatures from Sídhí to Earth, and permanently sealing the gateways between Sídhí and Earth.

Shapeshifter (aka shifter) - Race of people originally from Sídhí. They have the ability to change their shape to that of a specific animal. Each sub-race has various strengths provided by the synth crystal in their blood. A person’s first shift can take place before or after puberty. A shifter in human form smells human. Known shifters include wolf, khatt, and dragon.

Sídhí (aka Immortal or home world) - 1. A Sídhí is a person that originally lived (or descended from people who lived) on the home world of Sídhí. 2. A formally mundane human who has been injected with pure synth crystal or received a venomous bite from a vampire. 3. Sídhí is the original home world of non-mundane humans.
Sídhí is pronounced: Sid He

Snake Vine – Snake vine is a naturally growing vine that has the feel and weight of a snake. It is found in most Sídhí forests, curling around the upper branches of large trees.

Sprite – A tiny Sídhí animal with a (somewhat) humanoid shape. Sprites average two inches tall with four arms and four propeller shaped wings that are iridescent, sparkling in the sunshine and glowing at night. They have a silvery chirping sound. Diet includes grass, nuts, and honey. Sprites are very colorful, ranging from hot pink to steel blue to dark green. A few varieties include mountain sprites, meadow sprites, river sprites, hay sprites, and swamp sprites.

Synth Crystal - 1. The purest form of energy, it was created by the highly advanced Ancient Ones on the home world of Sídhí tens of thousands of years ago. Synth crystal makes normal (mundane) people immortal and increases all of their natural abilities. It also gives them other extra-ordinary abilities. 2. It is the strongest known substance on Earth or Sídhí 3. Each source (or spring) of crystal has a slightly different set of characteristics in it.

Synth Crystal Spring - A spring of Synth Crystal can be grown. Crystal in liquid form is poured into an underground chasm or cavern. The crystal grows until it fills the underground abyss. Each spring is subtly different as the crystal leeches microscopic material from the surrounding nature. Pools of Synth Crystal can be seen above ground, but growth (expansion) can only take place underground.

Teleportation (aka port) – Teleportation is the ability of a vampire or dragon shifter to move from one location to another in the blink of an eye.

TèVarrn Prison – A massive prison in the Dhark Empire that is underground. It is a warren of dead end tunnels and traps.

Trolls – A troll is a smart Sídhí animal. There are different subspecies including swamp, cave, and forest trolls. Subspecies are distinguished by color. Swamp troll are shades of green. Forest trolls are splotched green and brown. Cave trolls are red to deep burgundy. They live in large packs dominated by the largest male. If a troll is seen, you better run. Its pack mates will be near.

Umbra - Race of people originally from Sídhí, believed extinct. They had a very slight odor, a very mild aroma of sea salt; most immortals could not smell them. Very short black fur covered their entire body. Like an otter, the fur was water repellent. The fur also acted as insulation that entirely muffled their heartbeat. They had poisonous teeth and claws. They had the ability to disappear like a chameleon.

Valley - A second dimensional valley covers the same geographical terrain as Earth does. Most Sídhí live within the protection of a valley. A valley can only be entered by a gateway or by porting. Valleys were created thousands of years ago. The most respected theory of how valleys came into existence is The Second Dimensional Balloon Theory.

Vikings – The Vikings are a race of Sídhí who live in one of the very far Northern Valleys.

Vampire - Race of people originally from Sídhí. Due to synth crystal, they have increased sense of smell, sight, strength, mental capabilities, teleporting ability, retractable incisors, and retractable claws. A vampire has the ability to suck blood or bite with venom. Their venom can Change a mundane human into an immortal vampire.

Clan vampire - Vampires who eat normal/solid human food and (may or may not) drink the blood of a mate or that of an animal. In direct sunshine, their eyes turn solid black with no whites. They have a strict code of honor. They detest dhark vampires and elves.

Dhark vampire (aka Exile) - Vampires who drink the blood of humans and do not eat solid food. In direct sunshine, their eyes turn solid red with no whites.

Vürst Clan – Clan of dragons (believed to be extinct) that can raise spikes along their back, neck and tail.

Witch - A witch is evil. Born as a druid that turns to the dark arts, they kill people, sucking the life essence out of their victims. The ill-gotten power turns their skin to a putrid green.