Sunday, July 17, 2011

Escaped Werewolves Captured

Clan Valley: Fayetteville, Arkansas

The pair of werewolves, which escaped from Hitchcock Zoo (Eureka Springs, AR) last week were recaptured today. After a merry chase following a trail of dead livestock it ended this morning when the werewolves (Janie Lee & Herbert) broke into a chicken barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Chicken barn owner, Clyde Smitherton, reported four hundred dead chickens and over five thousand dollars worth of damage to his state-the-art pens and feeding equipment. Clyde said officials from the zoo refused to speak with him.

I contacted the zoo director, Myrtle Tittlebottom, this morning.

~ Phone conversation with Myrtle ~

Jodie: Good morning, Mrs. Tittlebottom.

Myrtle: If this is a reporter, I'm hanging up.

Jodie: Mrs. Tittlebottom, my readers want to know if Hitchcock zoo is going to compensate Clyde for his dead chickens, damage to his property, and lost revenue.

Myrtle: None of your business.

Jodie: What about all the livestock the werewolves killed this week? There have been reports of mutilated and dead carcasses across northeastern Arkansas.

Myrtle: Stupid %$#^ A$$ reporters!

:phone slams down in my ear:


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