Friday, July 22, 2011

Accident at Wyvern Riding Academy

Great Falls, Montana: Khärston Valley

Wyvern Riding Academy, south of Great Falls, Montana in the Khärston Valley, reported a near fatal accident this morning.

For the Mundanes among us, wyvern are often confused with dragons. Dragons being a sentient race of people with the ability to change their form into that of a dragon. On the other hand, a wyvern is an animal approximately the size of a quarter horse with a twenty foot wing span. Most wyvern have been domesticated and are frequently used for sports and pleasure riding.

Several valleys have a contingent of search and rescue wyvern, comparable to a search and rescue dog used in natural disasters. Of course, there are several differences between the rescue animals. Wyvern conduct searches from the sky by sight and the trainer must be nearby as the wyvern frequently tries to eat the victim.


A group of third year academy students were playing Sky War, which involves fairy enhanced laser guns and paint, when someone shot one of the wyvern in the eye. The enhanced paint is equivalent to colorful slime and sticks to anything.

It's not clear who fired the original shot, but the damage was done. Red paint blinded the mount.

The dark brown female w/ black belly splotches swerved wildly and its wing smacked the tail of another wyvern, a rare blue with cream wing tips. Everyone knows how sensitive the snake-like tail of a wyvern is. Well, let me tell you, old blue let out a bellow. People heard him five miles away.

The blue went rogue, attacking anything that moved.

By the end of the Sky War, five wyvern sustained serious injures. Four students – who should have been wearing safety harnesses – fell from the sky.

School officials rushed healers to the downed riders. The students, two of whom were pre-pubs, nearly died from their injuries. I've been assured the healers arrived in time and none of the students sustained permanent damage.

The investigation is pending, but at this time there doesn't appear to be any malicious intent on any one's part.

Until next time ~ Jodie B. Cooper

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