Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sasquatch Theft & Dragon Guardian Interview

Clan Valley guardians are investigating the disappearance of a sasquatch (aka Big Foot) from Mordecai's Sasquatch Ranch on the western edge of Lake Eufaula in the Eastern part of Oklahoma.

Clan guardians believe there is foul play involved, but the owner of the ranch is not a subject in the ongoing investigation. The animal arrived the same day it disappeared and hadn't been paid for. Mordecai Bunn said his insurance wouldn't cover the disappearance of the animal.

As a side note, I wanted to mention I've visited the ranch, which has cabins and jet skis for rent. The ranch is a fun family destination. It's also world famous for it sasquatch breeding program, which provides zoos and big game hunters with quality Sasquatch.

Onward to the promised interview with a Dragon Guardian!

I transcribed the promised conversation I had with dragon guardian Alexander concerning the terrorist organization Khr'Vurr, which is based in Dragon Valley.

I'll skip the pleasantries and get to the good stuff...

Jodie: Is it true the Khr'Vurr, a notoriously 'dragon only' organization is actively recruiting outside of Dragon Valley?

Alexander: No comment.

Jodie: You're a guardian. It's your duty to protect. So shouldn't you be willing to warn people? What if they start terrorizing the other valleys? People need information.

Alexander: Jodie, this isn't a game. You need to keep your nose out of it.

Jodie: Yes, I know it isn't a game. That's my point! Wouldn't it be better to warn people?

Alexander: :sighs: We believe the Khr'Vurr is actively seeking new recruits.

Jodie: Are they targeting any specific valley? You know like only valleys in the Dhark Empire?

Alexander: Off the record?

Jodie: Yes, of course! (he knew I'd tell... I always do.)

Alexander: The Khr'Vurr have united with several Dhark Valley Lords, extending their network into a dozen different valleys. This is a very dangerous time for Sídhí and Mundanes. We're concerned the silent war they've started may soon explode into something a lot worse.

Jodie: You mean like the bomb exploding in the Royal Valley? I've heard it was targeting Prince Jacoby, because he refused to cooperate with the Khr'Vurr.

:pause:  Then he hissed at me!

Alexander: Who told you that?

Jodie: Anonymous tip. I've been going through records. Did you know in the last three months car bombs and kidnappings have increased by four hundred percent?

:low, deep growl:  Dragons, even when they are in human form, growl really well. He made the hair stand up on my head.

Jodie: And I've heard the Dragon Council is so desperate to find the Khr'Vurr ring leaders they have threatened other valleys.


Jodie: Well, is it true? Can Dragon Council shut down all the gateways leading to Earth? Will they?

Alexander: Jodie, you get one warning. This is it. Stay out of Khr'Vurr business. And more importantly stay out of council business. Do not go spreading false rumors.

Jodie: Now, wait a minute...

Alexander: No, you're sticking your nose into things that's going to get you killed. The Khr'Vurr are big league. Stay. Out. Of. It.

Jodie: I'm a reporter. It's my duty...

:he cuts me off, the nerve!:

Alexander: No, you're a nosy busy body.

:Slams phone down in my ear:

Well! That was rude!

Honestly, anyone who knows me understands my need for searching out the true story. No matter the danger to my own well being. Of course, someone like Alexander calls it nosy behavior, but I think everyone understands my need to give them the true story.

Never worry, I'll keep digging!

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