Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raphael Thumped me today!

For my mundane followers, Thumper is the Sídhí equivalent of Twitter.

Raphael has over fifteen million followers on Thumper and he follows less than five hundred. His music tours have been known to cause riots when sold out and people couldn't buy a ticket.

Yes, that Raphael! Guess what? He followed me!

Squee!!!! To say I'm excited is the understatement of the year! To have someone like Raphael follow me on Thumper is unbelievable!

Last year alone, Raphael won fourteen Crystal Awards for his awesome singing and song writing ability. The trophy for the award is rumored to cost one million dollars each. (Clan Valley uses the same type of monetary system as the U.S. It keeps down confusion since Clan Valley's second dimensional footprint sits over part of the U.S.)

The trophy is five intertwined ribbons of synth crystal and stands eight inches high. Master Artist Theodus Grimson, a two-thousand year old Vas Fairy in the artist caste, creates each trophy. Need I say the Crystal Award is the most coveted of all music awards?

Now, can you understand why I'm so excited? At only nineteen, he was named one of the top ten bachelors in all the valleys combined.

Even if he didn't have the most incredible set of lungs on him, his 'oh so perfect' face would have sky rocketed him into instant stardom. Three inches over six feet, he towers over his band. Jet-black hair down to his shoulder blades and slate gray eyes that have electric blue sparks in them when he sings.

His eyes alone announce his fairy genetics. As a siren, he is a member of the warrior caste. A siren's ability, or their voice, is rated on a scale from one to ten with a special designation stating the 'type' of voice. Anything from mind shattering screams to enthralling song can come from various sirens. I've heard Raphael rates a ten and his designation is unknown.

His PR representative, Kayla, refuses to confirm or deny the rumor.

Sorry, I'm rambling but I'm still shaking.

His Thump to me said: Jodie, I've found my lifeMate! I'm over joyed!! Please help me spread the word. So here, I am spreading the word and a bit more.

I know he must be thrilled. Every Sídhí, no matter the race, only have a single lifeMate. They might wait thousands of years before finding their perfect mate, but it's worth the wait. Trust me a Sídhí couple who are bonded lifeMates will be a perfect union.

The synth crystal swimming in the blood of a Sídhí always places two compatible people together. It's part of their genetic make-up. Immortals are not complete without a bonded lifeMate. It’s why the synth finds the perfect mate for them.

When the crystal in a person’s blood sings for a person's lifeMate, it is literally love-at-first-sight. I've never heard of a lifeMate not instantly falling in love. Most lifeMates mentally bond as soon as their crystal sings.

A lifeBond between two mates allows them to feel the others emotions. Can you imagine knowing exactly how much someone loves you? It would be the most awesome feeling in the world.

There is a downside to finding a lifeMate. Not all lifeMates hear the synth in their blood sing at the same time. It must be agony knowing who your lifeMate is only to have them look at you as if you’re a complete stranger.

Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper

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