Friday, August 5, 2011

Sasquatch Attack!

Clan Valley: Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma
Would someone please tell me how one dog can cause so much chaos? Honestly, I can't very well wring his neck for nearly getting me killed. Can I?
When I take a trip, my German shepherd, Chief, goes with me. He loves it when I visit friends in Clan Valley.
A group of us met at Mordecai's Sasquatch Ranch on Lake Eufaula. It's one of our all-time favorite destinations. With cabins, jet skis, boats, grills, horses, wyvern… well, you get the idea. They have everything for a fun getaway.
Well, last night we started the long weekend with a swim in the lake and a cookout. Yes, it is hot, but we purchased a gallon of cooling charm. A cooling charm must be used under a roof or a tree, something that provides shade. You see, a cooling charm is fairy made. It comes in quart and gallon sized. Simply spray the liquid on the ground and on the ceiling (or tree) and ta-da the area drops by twenty degrees! I love it!
Anyway, Chief and Pumpkin (Kerry's Pomeranian) were running around the camp site causing more racket than ten marching bands. I finally bribed Kerry's daughter, Angela, to take them for a walk.
No harm, no foul… I thought.
Mordecai's Ranch raises Sasquatch or Big Foot as many of my mundane readers call them. Sasquatch hate being teased and they remember everything. I mean, I tossed Big Tom (a Sasquatch stud) a chunk of meat three years ago and didn’t feed the Sasquatch in the pen next to him.
Gorman remembered! (Gorman was the Sasquatch in the pen next to Big Tom) Every time I visit Mordecai's, Gorman starts howling at me. It doesn't matter that I've fed him since that first encounter; he refuses to come near anything I feed him.
Where was I? Oh, right! Sasquatch are vindictive wretched monsters!
The water troughs in the Sasquatch pens are built four feet off the ground with a permanent high-powered cooling charm painted on them. The high-powered charm drops the water temperature and the area beneath the trough by thirty degrees!
To stay cool, Gorman had crawled under his water trough, leaning his back against the fence, ignoring the people watching him.
I really love my dog, but I could kill him right about now. Chief wiggled under the first security fence, sneaking up behind Gorman as if the Sasquatch was a rabbit, not a freaking huge monster.
Pumpkin, the teeny-tiny Pomeranian followed.
How they both remained silent is beyond my understanding; they are never quiet. They stood a foot behind the nine-foot creature and barked. Loudly.
:Sigh: I'm not sure Mordecai will ever let Chief visit again.
Gorman shot straight up, plowing into the underside of the metal water trough. The trough flew up and straight back down, smacking Gorman a second time on the top of the head.
The dogs barked madly.
Angela screamed for help.
The Sasquatch on either side of Gorman's pen howled and pointed at Gorman, giving the equivalent of a Sasquatch laugh.
Gorman shrieked in fury!
Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper


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