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Sídhí History part III

Earth: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Continued -
Before I continue with the series on Sídhí History, I wanted to tell you a quick bit of actual news.
There has been a report of a two vampires fighting at Woodland Hills Mall located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Earth.) I don't have all the details, but I heard mall security caught the fight on video. Yeah, no way a mundane could miss vampires fighting, not when they can teleport and can pick-up cars.
Anyway, when I find-out the details I'll let you know!
Sídhí History - part III
Picking up from yesterday, the people of Sídhí didn't comprehend the magnitude of the changes their bodies would soon go through.
At first, the most apparent change was physical appearance. White-haired grannies woke-up with satiny soft dark hair and young bodies.
Wait a minute. I'm getting ahead of myself. First, you must understand the people of Earth and the people of Sídhí are similar, yet different. We are all human, to one extent or another.
On Earth, race is defined by a person's appearance and geography.
On Sídhí, before synth crystal was released - when people lived and died of natural causes - race was also defined by appearance and geography, but not in the same way.
The people of The Elfhiem Empire had slightly pointed ears; a very large percentage of the population was highly intelligent. They tended to be highly educated, preferring mental games to physical. To be an elf was synonymous with arrogance.
The people of The Northern VamPyre had slightly pointed canine teeth. Overall, most vampires were very physically active, preferring any type of outdoor game or activity to sitting around and reading a book.
The people of the Atlantis Continent were mixed in their physical appearances. Fairy lived in clans that specialized in craft, war, art, or served the royals. Each sub-clan had very specific characteristics. The Siren Clan had velvety soft voices to the south and harsh guttural voices to the north. The Banshee Clan had blue hair. The Land Clan had dark brown eyes and stubby noses. That's only naming a few; the Atlantis Continent was home to hundreds of different sub-clans.
The people of the Shifting Highlands had amber eyes. They lived in clans. Most clans were nomadic, traveling from mountains to the sea, traveling the same routes year after year. Normally, they camped near a river or natural spring sharing the water with whatever wild animals lived in the area.
The people of Gnome Grotto had pale yellow eyes and brilliant red hair. They lived in groups called clutches, within the numerous deserted caverns under the Continent of WormWood.
I could write all day. There are many more races, but I believe five races will be sufficient for the purpose of this article.
To explain how each race changed, I must back up a bit.
As you know, from the previous articles, The Last Scientist never planned on creating a clean source of power for the dying world of Sídhí. From his preserved diaries, we know more about him than the people of that long ago time.
Not only did he provide the basic research for synth crystal, he also provided the rarest of all ingredients, Black Matter. The diaries didn't provide the details of how he manipulated the rare elements. Good thing since I couldn't explain it even if he had!
Essentially, modern day Sídhí scientists believe he took years of genetic and nano research and somehow created a form of programmable nano genetics. He attached these nano genetics to Black Matter at the cellular level.
Sídhí scientist say what he did should have been impossible. It defied every law of science, but it worked.
I'll go into further detail tomorrow.
Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper

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