Monday, August 1, 2011

History of Sídhí


Sídhí Home World

The liquid substance was almost clear, milky-white. It poured like water. It had no odor. When heated it did not get hot, refusing to boil it remained room temperature. The crystal could not be ignited, nor could it be used to power the abandoned nuclear reactors. It did not react like any form of known energy.

So, why did the scientists believe it was pure energy? Simple, when placed in a vacuum it expanded. It did not release any by-product, keeping its original elemental structure while increasing its physical size.

They believed it was a clean source of energy. All they had to do was figure out the trigger, how to make it work, how to make it power the dying world.

Late one night, the original scientist disappeared with a full container of the synth crystal. The next morning, they found his note. There was no synth crystal in the facility; he had dumped the entire contents into the emergency waste chute. No one knew how he managed to by-pass dozens of protocols, dumping the substance into the cavern system below the research facility.

His note was actually an admission of guilt. His research into a theoretical power source had never meant to replace the world's exhausted energy. No, the synth crystal contained a lifetime's work of genetic engineering among other technologies such as Nano-engineering and the rare element of Black Matter.

While the remaining scientists tried to recreate the synth crystal, the military made every attempt to reach to dumped liquid, but it was unrecoverable seeming to have disappeared into thin air.

The dumped synth crystal drained into the deepest of chasms.

As the people of Sídhí were soon to find out there was more than a single way for synth crystal to expand. Deep in the soil, it expanded filling natural caverns and crevasses. It reacted exactly as the original scientist, whom we now call the Last Scientist or the First Ancient One, planned. The synth crystal leaked into the water table as it flowed through the earth, splitting time and time again.

People everywhere became infected. The changes in their physical bodies appeared rapidly as each of them went through twenty-one days of 'puberty.' Their bodies changed, growing younger in some cases and maturing in others.

Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper


  1. I am enjoying the story here as it unfurls! Keep up the good work. :)


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