Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scorching Hot Temps & Tempers!

Earth: Tulsa, Oklahoma
For everyone following the History of Sídhí it will continue in a few days. J
The temperatures have reached the scorching hot level, so have tempers. Mixing Sídhí, hot temps & hotter tempers is so not a good idea.
Today it hit 115 degrees and the weatherman has forecast triple digits all week. I am so very ready for fall and cooler weather.
Anyway, as the temperature rises, so do tempers especially when speaking of a vampire's rather volatile state of mind. Throw in the fact the vampire in question had his very pregnant lifeMate with him and it was an instant recipe for disaster.
Breaking up fights between angry vampires is nothing new to Clan Guardians, but yesterday may have been a first for them.
As many of you know, I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (Earth) which is a Sídhí Hot Spot. Specifically, a Hot Spot is where several valleys have gateways that open onto Earth. I'm sure I don't know about all the gateways, but I'm aware of ten in a hundred-mile radius of the Tulsa Metro.
Three gateways open from Clan Valley, one from The Dhark Valley, two from Trellick Valley (and everyone knows Trellick Valley is allied with the Dhark Valley,) three from Ozark Valley, and one from Dragon Valley.
Well, let me tell you mixing clan vampires, dhark vampires, dhark elves, elves, and dragons all in a small area, an area populated by mundane humans, is a mega-recipe for disaster.
Woodland Hills Mall is one of the most popular shopping areas in Tulsa. On a weekend, it's nearly impossible to find a parking spot near a door. A Wednesday should not have presented a problem, but for whatever reason the mall was jam packed full.
Take 115 degrees, reflecting off all that asphalt and add in no parking and the temperature at the mall rose into the volcano range or maybe that was the tempers. At this point, it's rather hard to distinguish the two.
Thomas Andrews, a clan vampire who happens to be a great, great, great nephew of High Councilman Warren Andrews, circled the parking lot for twenty minutes searching for a spot. His lifeMate, Shawna, is fifteen weeks pregnant and he didn't want her walking that far in the heat. Of course, she refused to get out at the door. Understandable, as most lifeMates prefer a little discomfort over being separated from their mates, especially while visiting Earth.
For the mundanes among us, a Sídhí pregnancy has a gestation of sixteen weeks. To say that Shawna can't see her toes is a mild understatement.
Thomas finally found a spot and started to pull into it when Marvin LispPertle, a dhark vampire (also known as an exile vampire or a blood-drinking vampire,) darted into the spot nearly hitting Thomas' car with his Corvette.
The shouting match quickly turned into a fight. The details are mixed. Thomas and Shawna say Marvin threw the first punch and Marvin accuses Thomas of kicking him first. The cameras were unable to catch the beginning of the fight as they were behind a Hummer.
The first image caught on tape is Thomas tossing Marvin a hundred feet, slamming him into a cement wall.
At that point, Shawna called Clan Guardians.
Before the guardians had time to arrive, Marvin picked up several smaller cars and began tossing them at Thomas. Marvin slammed a Honda Accord into Thomas' Lexus. Shawna was still inside.
Thomas went insane. Do not ever threaten the life of a lifeMate, not ever.
In a matter of seconds, Thomas tossed the Accord off the Lexus and ripped the roof off the black car. The back seat was crushed, but front was relatively undamaged.
Shawna was terribly shaken up, but other than a few scrapes she is fine.
Once Thomas assured himself Shawna was okay, he attacked Marvin.
By this time, mall security had arrived closely followed by Tulsa police. They pulled guns and shouted on bullhorns, but nothing stopped Thomas' rampage.
Thomas broke Marvin's back, crushed his rib cage, ripped off one arm and a foot before Clan Guardians arrived.
Clan Guardians swarmed the area, wiping mundane memories and destroying cameras and videos.
They tried approaching Thomas, but he was too far gone. His vampire instincts had thrown him into a frenzy. Shawna finally coaxed him away from Marvin, getting him into the back of a guardian's SUV.
The Lower Clan Council refused to condemn Thomas' actions, citing he was simply protecting his lifeMate.
Marvin refused a Clan Healer. Once his synth crystal stopped the bleeding, he was transported to the Dhark Valley gateway.
The healer assured me, even without her assistance, Marvin would not have any lasting damage. Depending upon his age, his bones would heal first then his body would start re-growing his lost arm and foot.
I'm under the impression that re-growing a severed limb is rather painful. It might be due to the fact, Guardian Gareth snickered that it served Marvin right for the pain he caused Thomas in attacking his pregnant lifeMate.
Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper


  1. Oh, how I hate summer. I'm ready for fall!

  2. I agree!

    My grass goes 'crunch' when I walk on it... it's burnt to a crisp.


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