Thursday, August 4, 2011

Synth Changed Canadian Geese

Trellick Valley: Tulsa, Oklahoma

I finally finished it!

Before I tell you today's news, I have a quick self-serving plug: Stolen, book three in the Song of the Sídhí series is now available!

Short description: Every vampire has a destined lifeMate, a mate who is a perfect match, but what happens when that perfect mate is stolen?

Okay, thanks for listening to my plug!

The heat wave continues to worsen, affecting people and animals.

Today I'm posting my report from Tulsa, Oklahoma in Trellick Valley. For anyone concerned over my well being, I've been assured that as a member of the press I will not be detained. You see, Trellick Valley is under independent ruler ship, but it is also part of the Dhark Empire. They keep mundane humans as blood slaves.

Anyway, the reason I'm here is to cover the early migration of Canadian geese.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, dumb woman, geese don't migrate in early August.

Well, geese that have been Changed by synth crystal don't follow natural rules of nature.

Fifty percent larger than their brethren in the mundane world, Changed Canadian geese have red bellies, bills, and feet. They have several rows of quarter-inch serrated teeth and their eyes glow red in the dark.

In addition to grain, they supplement their diet with small rodents and fish.

Several flocks have converged on the Arkansas River. A report from Trellick Fish & Wildlife estimate over a thousand birds are in a ten-mile radius.

In this heat, food is growing slim. I don't think the area will have a mouse or squirrel problem for years to come. Unfortunately, with the lack of food the geese have turned the next easy meal. Many have developed a taste for domestic animals, specifically cats, toy dogs, and puppies.

Reports of family pets gone missing are flooding Trellick Guard Headquarters. The guards hands are tied, as Canadian geese are a protected species of the Dhark Empire.

Lord Trellick petitioned the Dhark High Court to lift the protection, but his request was denied. He is urging residents to keep all small children and family pets inside until the flock moves south. Anyone caught killing a goose will fall under Dhark Empirical law, not Trellick law.

The penalty for killing a goose is five years in a silver collar and sold into five years of slavery to the highest bidder.

Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper

StolenSong of the Sídhí #3
22,000 YA paranormal romance
Contains sexual situations and cussing


  1. Congratulations on book three! I think it sounds wonderful. A bit of mystery, possession, and hmmmm? :-)

  2. LOL! It does sound that way, doesn't it?

  3. Hi Jodie!
    Just stopped by to say Hi! and thanks for visiting my blog!:)
    Congratulations on your new book! Sounds like my kind of read. I'll have to get book 1 & 2 first...of course! ;)Best of Luck!


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