Sídhí History


Hopefully, this page will clear up any confusion for Mundane humans that stumble upon this blog. BTW, a mundane human is defined as: A person that has no Sídhí blood in them, does not heal rapidly, and is not long lived (doesn't live longer than a hundred years or so).

Sídhí are a group of people who arrived on Earth some four thousand years ago from the world of Sídhí. Yes, I know it's a bit confusing that the term 'Sídhí' means homeworld and people.

On to the actual history...

On the Sídhí homeworld, approximately four thousand years ago, a war raged across the land. Elves, vampires, dragons, shapeshifters, fairies, & many more races fought each other to near extinction.

The elvish monarch, Chi’Kehra, tried creating the ultimate warrior, a living breathing weapon. You see, when a person/animal/plant is exposed to synth crystal (see glossary) that living entity is Changed. It is how the single race of people on Sídhí became dozens of individual races of dragons, shapeshifters, vampires... but that is a story for another day.

Chi'Kehra began searching for a new race/animal/plant to test. Most tests created monsters. Such as when he exposed lightning bugs to synth crystal. The tiny critters turned into foot sized animals that remained docile in the daytime. At night, they retained their pretty glow, but attacked people. Changed lightning bugs are known as burner bugs. They land on the unwary and lick them, seeking salt from a person's sweat. Their saliva is a very mild form of acid. Red burns result from prolonged exposure.

Sorry, I got off track.

Chi'Kehra tested chameleons (aka chimmi,) a race of very small, very shy sentient people. When exposed to synth crystal the chimmi Changed into the umbra (see glossary.)

The umbra turned on their maker. They created the Dhark Army, combining blood-drinking vampires, dishonored elves, shapeshifters, & other races. This army marched against all known races, destroying everything in their path. No one could stop them, not even Chi'Kehra.

Chi'Kehra hatched another plan. A plan that would forever change the life of every Sídhí.

He opened gateways to another world, to Earth. He planned to evacuate the elvish nation to Earth, but the Dhark Army moved much faster than anticipated.

When the Dhark Army arrived at the Valley of Elfheim, the elvish capital, Chi'Kehra panicked. He shoved a massive amount of synth energy into the gateways. Something went wrong. Instead of transporting all elves to Earth the synth exponentially exploded, creating vast second dimensional realms on Earth (see glossary for Valley.) The remaining synth energy randomly (in some cases) snatched up people, plants, and animals dumping them into the newly created Valleys on Earth.

That is a snippet of Sídhí history.

Here are a few terms, for more definitions please click the Glossary link on the right side of the page.

Sídhí (aka Immortal or home world) - 1.) A person that originally lived (or descended from people who lived) on the home world of Sídhí. 2.) A formally mundane human who has been injected with synth crystal or received a venomous bite from a vampire. 3.) The original home world of non-mundane humans.
Sídhí (in this world) is pronounced: Sid He

Valley - A valley covers the same geographical terrain as Earth does. Most Sídhí live within the protection of a valley. A valley can only be entered by a gateway or by porting. Valleys were created thousands of years ago. The most respected theory of how valleys came into existence is The Second Dimensional Balloon Theory.

Synth Crystal - 1.) The purest form of energy. Created by the highly advanced Ancient Ones on the home world of Sídhí tens of thousands of years ago. Synth crystal makes normal (mundane) people immortal and increases all of their natural abilities. It also gives them other extra-ordinary abilities. 2.) It is the strongest known substance on Earth or Sídhí 3.) Each source (or spring) of crystal has a slightly different set of characteristics in it.

The Second Dimensional Balloon Theory - During the Great War, Chi’Kehra (see Chi’Kehra) gathered tremendous amounts of raw synth crystal and began pushing the raw energy into the gateways connecting Earth and Sídhí. Before he could finish - whatever he planned - he died. The energy had no guidance. The gateways overloaded and all the energy exploded outward toward Earth. The explosion created massive valleys, teleporting all living creatures from Sídhí to Earth, and permanently sealing the gateways between Sídhí and Earth.

Umbra - Race of people originally from Sídhí, believed extinct. They have a very slight odor, a very mild aroma of sea salt; most immortals cannot smell them. Very short black fur covers their entire body. Like an otter, the fur is water repellent. The fur also acts as insulation that entirely muffles their heartbeat. They have poisonous teeth and claws. They have the ability to disappear like a chameleon.