Friday, July 29, 2011

Phoenix Attacks Hikers

Initial reports from DaKine Valley were not alarming. They issued a brief news alert reminding hikers within the DaKine National Preserve not to disturb nesting phoenix.

After a few phone calls, I found out a pair of phoenix are terrorizing hikers.

The highly popular tourist destination, known worldwide for its exotic wildlife, is located in the Pacific Ocean with a dimensional footprint that overlays Hawaii and a large portion of the Pacific Ocean.

The volcanoes dotting the DaKine Valley are the preferred hunting and mating grounds for many Sídhí breeds including phoenix, lava sprite, and salamander.

It's unknown why the pair of phoenix has been attacking hikers. Both birds appear well fed and they do not have fledglings. After each incident, the hikers swear they did not antagonize the birds.

To date, the fire dripping birds have attacked thirty-two people. I found it rather odd all of the victims have been elves. I mentioned this to Hillary Hursliegh, administrative assistant to the tourism chair, Lord Samuel Pinkle. Both are dragons.

Hillary bluntly told me I was grasping at straws, trying to in-flame a boring story into a serious incident.

Of course, I'm sure the seventeen elves that received third-degree burns might take offense to the attacks being considered anything less than serious.

Hubert Pinkle, no relation to Lord Samuel, captured a recent attack on video. It showed the female phoenix dive-bombing several elves, splashing them with flames as it dripped off her feathers. While the female held the elves attention, the male landed on each tent and shook, throwing drips of flame onto the material.

Lord Samuel and The DaKine Tourist Association down played the video, attempting to blame the elves for entering the phoenix's nesting area. The elves insist they didn't go near the restricted area.

In fact, one of the elves heard a high-pitched dog whistle several minutes before the initial attack.

After hearing the elves' side of the story, I contacted Hubert and asked for a copy of the video, which he sent to me. On the video, I found the brief image of a man near the lip of the volcano crater waving at the birds. Zooming in, the man had a whistle to his mouth and was none other than Lord Samuel Pinkle.

I turned my information over to the DaKine Guardians.

As of five o'clock this evening, Lord Samuel is under house arrest.

In other news, Atlantis Valley reported the theft of six kraken eggs.

I shudder to think how the fairies will react. Trust me I would NOT want to be in the thief's shoes. No one messes with the fairies of Atlantis.

Get real, even a certified idiot knows that!

Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper

Phoenix - A phoenix is a bird of prey with brilliant red feathers. Adults have an average wingspan of twelve feet and a body mass of ten pounds. Fish and small animals make up the majority of their diet. Even with a hooked beak and razor sharp talons, it isn't the scariest looking bird around. They are beautiful whether standing or flying. Standing they have sparks of fire that flicker around the red feathers. In flight, the pretty sparks turn into a weapon, building into slender fingers of flame as they feed on the rush of oxygen. Once the flames reach two or three inches in length, normally after a few minutes of flight, the birds dive at larger prey. They are very intelligent and are popular attractions at zoos and circuses.


  1. This is awesome! I think this blog is the perfect place for an elf to hang out. :) I'm glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover it!!

  2. Hi Elf,

    Thanks for returning the visit!

    I agree. An Elf visiting Sídhí is a perfect fit!! :)


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