Monday, July 25, 2011

Angel Sighting in Celtic Valley

Inverness, Scotland: Celtic Valley

Meredith McNeil reported seeing an angel early Sunday morning. The event happened northwest of Inverness, Scotland in Celtic Valley, near Loch Glass.

Meredith didn't file an official report with Celtic guardians, complaining they didn't believe her the previous times. Yes, supposedly she has seen four angels in the last ten years, which must have set some kind of record.

The latest report split the small village, on the edge of Loch Glass, straight down the middle. The Faithful, as they call themselves, believe Meredith can see God's messengers. They believe she is touched. People drive hours, simply seeking her opinion.

On the opposite side of the argument stand the Disbelievers, a label given by the Faithful. They say Meredith, who happens to be a vampire, has become unhinged. It's always a possibility. She is after all over nine hundred years old and hasn't found her lifeMate.

The Disbelievers insist Meredith is nutty as a fruit bat high on nectar.

Now, hearing that phrase come out of a mouth with a thick Scottish burr kept me asking Martin Black to repeat himself, which he did. Bless him.

Martin, a dragon and Celtic Guardian, calls Loch Glass his home. He was kind enough to speak with me, at great length.

Meredith refused, quite loudly and rudely, to speak with me. I might add she sounded tipsy.

Martin actually has several interesting theories. First, he thinks Meredith is smoking too much wacky weed. However, he's never smelled it on her. His next theory is she might be seeing sunrays reflecting between the clouds and the loch.

I asked him, if he thought she might be trying to boost the local economy, as she owns the largest bed and breakfast in the village.

He didn't disagree with me, but his next words made the reporter in me sit up and listen.

Yes, you heard me correctly; I promptly forgot my theory of greed as he told me his third theory.

Martin thinks she might be seeing fairy.

The majority of fairies live within Atlantis Valley and they don't have wings. Well, most of them don't, but the highest of the warrior caste have wings. Warrior fairies are completely unpredictable, even among fairies they're given a wide berth.

Fairies are unusual among the Sídhí as they have a caste system. Essentially the fairy race is made up of dozens of sub-races. Each sub-race is contained within one of five castes: royal, warrior, merchant, artist, and common. As an example, a banshee is a mid-level warrior caste.

One sub-race within the top caste of the warrior fairies is the exception to the no-wings rule. From the pictures I've seen and the stories, I've heard they are perfect in every way.

Every one of them, male or female is drop dead gorgeous. Their wings aren't pure white. The single picture that sticks prominently in my mind is the oil painting, Wings by Maurice Swift. The background is a brilliant sunset over the ocean. The artist captured the man's shoulder muscles tightening as he flared his wings wide. Gorgeous golden skinned with wings the color of a late evening storm, dark gray with blue and silver etching.

The painting took my breath away the first time I laid eyes on it at the Royal Museum in Alberta, Canada in Elfhiem Valley.

Unfortunately, the near mythical race of warrior fairy has not been seen since Sídhí arrived on Earth some four thousand years ago.

History is a bit blurry on the subject of what happened to the highest of the fairy warrior caste.

I called the fairy's embassy in Celtic Valley, but I wasn't surprised when they refused to discuss the subject with me. The few fairies I've met are extremely rude to other races.

Until next time - Jodie B. Cooper


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