Friday, November 16, 2012

Gnome, Troll, & Dragon: Deleted Scene

If you have not read Vampire's Forbidden Territory, the following deleted scene will contain spoilers!
Deleted scene has not been edited.
Change of Plans
“Well?” Clarabelle demanded of the wrinkly-faced gnome standing several feet away.
His pasty colored skin lost even more color as Clarabelle lowered her large head within biting distance of him. His pale yellow eyes widened. Showing a hint of intelligence, he remained crouched next to the squirming troll.
She felt surprise ripple through her big body when the little man didn’t run. At three feet tall, the gnome would be less than a pre-meal snack for her, not that she ate gnomes. Well, only a few and that was years earlier. The unfortunate incident happened after one of the silly creatures cut her beautiful hair too short.
The big troll howled, cutting off her train of thought.
Clarabelle’s foot pressed a little harder, squishing the flopping dark red body under her giant claws. The troll bellowed in fury. Its long yellow teeth gnawed on one of her claws in a wasted attempt to free itself. The big male’s grunts and howls seemed to be a barbarian language, but she knew the noise was only the animal’s attempt to frighten her away.
Trolls, like werewolves or khatts, were very smart animals. If trained properly they became useful tools, but nothing more.
Under Clarabelle’s fierce glare, the troll’s handler hunched his scrawny shoulders. “I tries to teach ‘em Mistress, but I’s don’t always makes ‘em understand. I really tries!” the little gnome squalled under her fierce glare.
 “It’s nots my fault that them mites attacked too soon. I swears it!” the stinky little gnome continued his rambling excuses as Clarabelle rearranged her plans.
Clarabelle didn’t want excuses. She wanted the Chi’Kehra’s lifeMate alive and in shackles before the night was over. Having the Chi’Kehra as her very own trained lapdog would not only guarantee success against the dragon council, but the girl was critical to Clarabelle’s ultimate goal of returning Dragon Valley to the Sídhí home world.
“You will hunt them down. I want the boy captured, not dead. Do you hear me? You will bring him to me alive. He won’t be any good to me dead. He dies and you and every miserable gnome within Dragon Valley will die by my dragonfire.”
The little yellow eyed man dropped to his knees, his loud keening wail of terror pleased her.

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