Monday, November 5, 2012

Haven Valley's Synth Crystal Barrier

It has been nearly a year since Haven Valley, a mixed-race valley that is predominately shapeshifter, appeared on radar, so to speak. The other Sídhí Valleys had no idea Haven Valley existed.
I know. Doesn't that sound hard to believe? I guess not really, not after I interviewed several key people within Haven Valley.
For starters, a monarch rules Haven. The monarch is always a female, and tied into the synth crystal protecting their valley. Don't ask. I haven't got a clue how that is possible. When I asked, I sort of got the run around.
They spouted some poppycock about rounding-up all of the female shifters born of the royal bloodline then testing them. They clammed up on the testing part.
At first, they were quite open about how Haven Valley remained isolated from the other valleys and Earth. Haven only has four portals that open onto Earth and no portals (that they know of) that open into other valleys. Each portal is under 24/7 guard.
When I asked how they kept vampires and dragons from porting out of the valley, they said each person with the ability to port had to be 'keyed' to port past The Barrier.
Say what?
They said it was something their clan of dragons came up with to protect Haven Valley.
Well, let me tell you, I know a few dragons. Each dragon I contacted said there wasn't a dragon alive (not even High Councilwoman Cornelia) that had the power or knowledge to manipulate the synth crystal barrier within a valley's second dimensional walls. Portals yes, the valley walls? No way.
Something fishy is going on in Haven Valley and I plan to find out what it is.

Until next time,
Jodie B Cooper

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