Friday, November 9, 2012

Shapeshifters on Earth!

Well, I found out a bit more detail on the Haven Valley mystery.
Rumor has it that a fae manipulated the synth crystal within the valley's second dimensional walls.
Fae are supposedly extinct, but then shapeshifters were supposed to be extinct as well, and they are obviously a thriving race.
I couldn't find out any hard-facts about the fae rumor. Myth and fear seem to be the best description. Tens of thousands of years before Sídhí came to Earth, the fae were a dwindling, but extremely powerful race. Powerful, as in the fae were a rival to Chi'Kehra's awesome ability.
The fae had the ability to twist reality, and caste actual spells.
Unfortunately, if they didn't find their lifeMate, by the time they reached five hundred, they went catatonic and eventually died.
I did talk to one old (relatively speaking) dwarf who said many of the first and second-generation fae simply went into a living stasis, sending out tendrils of their consciousness hunting for their mate. Cory Hutch (the dwarf) said many fairies believe they have fae blood in their veins.
This is changing the subject, but once Cory started talking, - with a little help from his homemade moonshine - he told me Haven Valley had several settlements on Earth.
Yes, you heard it here! There are not only shapeshifters on Earth, but several other races as well. He was about to tell me the name of one town, but his mate came in and smacked him up the side of his head with her rolling pin.
He did manage to tell me that the Alpha Prime (Beth) was hiding fae and growing synth crystal in these settlements on Earth!
Well, let me tell you, that's really exciting! I started searching the internet for small towns that were notoriously anti-visitor. My research might take a while, but I'll eventually find out the truth!
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